About Us



Maisonette Shoppers World: We are an exclusive merchandise company offering descriptive branded apparel sportswear and casual T-shirts/pants. Essentially we serve customers from all walks-of-life for Lifestyle clothing to Christian lifestyle clothing in our operation.

Expressing love, comfort, joy, inspiration and peace through branded clothing and other merchandise. This is our focus to evangelize the word of God as part of the “Great Commission” to go into all nations to preach the Gospel to all mankind irrespective of color, race or creed..   

Accordingly, we have categorized our merchandise as such for the production of the following:  

Firstly, our T-shirts/Sportswear and other apparels are carved with descriptive words or statements to inspire people with words of wisdom and inspirations.

Secondly, our T-shirts and other merchandise go beyond word of inspiration to evangelize the Gospel by simple descriptive words, statements and quotes from the Bible while maintaining a distinctive fashion style before the Lord.

 Immediate future accessories include: Jewelries, Cosmetics/Cologne and Christian Literature / Books.

You are welcome to visit  our site for your shopping. If you can't find what you want, we can find it for you in this line of clothing.